How to Prevent Cavities

Cavities Brookline MA

Preventing cavities is easier than you may think. There are ways to protect your teeth from this harmful issue, which often leads to infection and tooth loss. In brief, a tooth cavity is decay that occurred due to bacterial build up. Many patients claim to brush their teeth often. However, if other methods are not practiced, cavities can still occur. Learn how to prevent cavities below.

Eat Healthier

Eating a well-balanced diet is beneficial for your teeth. For instance, we recommend avoiding sugary and starchy foods as these aid to plaque buildup. Additionally, foods high in acid destroy tooth enamel which makes teeth more susceptible to decay. Patients should eat more veggies and drink more water to maintain a healthier smile.

Brush and Floss as Recommended

Brush your teeth at least twice a day. If you can brush more often, do so. Plaque is constantly accumulating in our mouth due to food particles and bacteria. In addition, floss daily to remove plaque from in between your teeth. Flossing truly makes a difference for a healthier smile. Patients can also learn more about at home dental care by speaking with our dental hygienist.

Maintain Your Dental Appointments

Most patients are recommended to have a biannual dental exam and cleaning to prevent dental issues, such as tooth cavities. Dental exams detect issues early on. In addition, dental cleanings effectively remove plaque and tartar buildup. Patients benefit from these preventive procedures because they avoid dental issues from occurring.

Learn More about Cavities

Prevent cavities Brookline MA by learning more about your current dental health. Schedule an exam and consultation today. We welcome new patients and accept most insurances. Just call (617) 566-0308 or book an appointment online. In addition, you may visit us at 2001 Beacon St #300, Brighton, MA 02135. We look forward to meeting you.