Emergency Dentist Brighton: What Is Tooth Pain?

Emergency Dentist Brighton | Pain is a great teacher and communicator. It can tell you a great many things. But are you listening? If not, the lesson is repeated with increasing intensity until the message is finally received.

Of course, pain does not communicate verbally. But the type of pain that you experience – sharp or dull, intermittent or continual, general or acute – can eventually lead you to the source of the problem.

The next step will typically be contacting that emergency dentist Brighton residents turn to in these types of situations.

Tooth Pain Caused by Tooth Decay

Although there are numerous potential causes for tooth pain, tooth decay is often the culprit. Tooth decay is normally caused by the presence of plaque containing bacteria that secrete acids that eat away at the strong tooth enamel found at the surface of your tooth.

Once a hole, or cavity, is formed in a tooth, it can rapidly progress into the softer dentin layer found beneath the tooth enamel. From there, it is a short stop to the soft dental pulp found at the center of your tooth. As a result, contact your emergency dentist Brighton.

This tissue contains many nerve endings, and you will definitely know if you have an infection here since the pain will be unmistakable.


Sharp, Temporary Pain

This type of pain could indicate a variety of potential dental problems. If you experience it when you eat or drink something hot or cold, it could indicate tooth decay or a loose filling.

If plaque that contains bacteria damages your tooth enamel, that tooth will become increasingly sensitive to temperature fluctuations. And if you previously had such a tooth filled with a dental filling, it could come loose and send you back to Square One.

Seek a proper diagnosis and treatment from your emergency dentist Brighton as soon as possible.

Dull Aching in Your Upper Teeth

This may not even be a dental problem. It could indicate infected sinuses that are located right above the teeth in the upper, back part of your mouth. Or an infection could have actually begun in one of your molar teeth and spread to your sinuses.

Make an appointment with your dentist at your earliest convenience to receive a proper diagnosis and treatment.

Continual, Throbbing Pain

You will not soon forget it if you’ve ever been there: that throbbing, grinding pain that feels like a million tiny miners are excavating your jawbone — minus the anesthesia, of course.

This type of pain is typically caused by nerve endings in the interior of your tooth.. This situation will often result in the need for a root canal treatment. The procedure removes infected tissue. 

While welcome, if it suddenly subsides, this is actually not a good sign. It typically means that the infection has progressed to the point that it has destroyed the nerve endings in the area, but the infection is still raging. Contact an emergency dentist Brighton as soon as possible.

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