Dental Office: 5 Common Procedures

To maintain healthy teeth, it is prudent to visit the dentist every 3 to 6 months so that you can steer clear of dental issues. When you visit the dental office, the dentist is most likely going to perform a full examination of your gums, mouth, and teeth. In this, the specialist looks for signs of developing problems, to help you maintain a healthy oral state. They identify looming problems and treat them as soon as possible, with standard procedures to be done in the dental office.

Problem identification process

Before the problem is, identified, the dentist embarks on a thorough cleaning of your teeth, using specialized tools. The dental hygienist scraps the gum line removing tartar and plaque that over time, has built up. Removing the plaque, this sets you aside from gum disease, bad breath, and other problems associated with plaque and germs. If they realize there is a problem they will send you over to a radiologist to undergo an X-ray.

During the x-ray, they can tell damage that would otherwise go unnoticed to the naked eye. Problems such as abscess, injuries to jawbones cysts or tumors are identifiable using a machine that emits no radiation and is available in the dental office. However, it is essential always to wear an apron when taking an X-ray and still let the specialist know if you are pregnant.


Common Dental Procedures

Once the dentist diagnoses what the problem is, they are now ready to treat you. There is an array of solutions available. These are:

Extractions: A severely damaged tooth that is beyond repair is better extracted. Some teeth should be removed to pave the way for orthodontic treatment.

Root canals: This standard procedure done at the dental office treats disease or abscessed teeth. The process entails opening up an injured tooth and cleaning out the infected tissue. Space once cleaned is sealed and the opening well covered. This procedure is safe to keep your dental formula in line and prevent other teeth from drifting. This way, you get to save your natural tooth. 

Bonding: This special treatment is used to correct a tooth that is decayed or discolored. The process involves layering the tooth with a mixture of composite resin that is white. Each layer hardened under UV light, and eventually, the teeth change the appearance. It’s a procedure that’s administered to people of all ages at the dental office.

Crowning and Capping: The process requires more than one visit to complete. The crown is a cover made up of porcelain and metal bonded together and produced to look like your naturally white teeth.

Teeth whitening: teeth lose their white color due to various things such as tetracycline drugs, smoking, or injury to the tooth, beverages, among other reasons. However, this should not dampen your spirits of a whiter set of teeth as whitening is available at the dental office. There are various options to choose from that your dentist will inform you.

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These procedures are among the common ones to be done at the dental office. However, when you visit your dentist, he/she will be able to advise you on which dental procedure is best for you. Contact Chestnut Hill Dental Associates to learn more. Call (617) 566-0308 or book an appointment online. New patients are always welcome.