Did You Know That Dental Implants Give These Benefits?

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Dental implants are a standard and successful option for tooth replacement, with US dentists inserting more than 5 million implants into patients annually, according to the American Academy of Implant Dentistry (AAID). Aside from their popularity, dental implants offer many benefits that other tooth replacement options cannot match. Here are some advantages of dental implants if you’ve lost one or more pearly whites.

Closest to Natural Teeth

First, they look and feel like your natural teeth. Your prosthetics are made specifically for you, so your smile will look as impressive as it feels. If you have natural teeth remaining, the prosthetic tooth will blend perfectly. Even dentures can look great with acrylic gums that match the color of your natural gums. No one can tell which of your teeth are fake and which are natural with crowns, bridges, or dentures to cover your implants.


Dental implants are metal rods surgically implanted into your jawbone to act as replacements for tooth roots. The titanium in the rods fuses with your jawbone during the healing process, providing extra stability. This makes implants feel more like natural teeth than other tooth replacement options, like dentures. 

Another advantage of implants over dentures is that they are more comfortable. Dental implants keep your denture in place, so you don’t have to worry about slipping or using toxic adhesives. These are just a few benefits that have led many people to choose implants over dentures.

Improved Speech

Teeth play an essential role in speaking, as certain sounds can only be made by hitting your tongue on those pearly whites. Ergo, losing a few front teeth can surprisingly affect speech. When dentures are loose, you may slur or lisp, which is embarrassing and distracting since you constantly worry about your false teeth falling off or how your voice will sound.

Both of these issues can be treated with implants since they provide a solid area for the tongue to press against when creating words and sounds, making it much easier to speak straight away. Multiple deeply embedded implants support dentures firmly, preventing them from slipping or sliding around. As a result, you have the freedom and confidence to speak.

Prevented Bone Loss

The roots of your teeth are essential for their growth. When losing a tooth, the bone that used to be the tooth root disappears, causing your face to cave in slowly. The titanium rod that attaches your implant to your jawbone does this vital job by preventing bone loss and stimulating the jawbone to grow around it. This is a process that other tooth replacement options are unable to do.


Bridges, partial, and complete dentures can only replace a certain number of teeth, which may limit your treatment options. Implants, however, can be used in a variety of ways. They can support a single crown, multiple teeth with a bridge or partial denture, or all of your teeth with complete dentures. This gives you and your dentist more flexibility when developing your treatment plan.

Zero Food Restrictions

When missing a few molars, you know how difficult it is to chew certain foods. Implants fill the gaps so you can eat normally again. Because they’re fixed into your gum line and jawbone, you can eat your favorite chewy or crunchy foods without worrying about slippage or feeling self-conscious in public!

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