5 Most Commonly Consumed Beverages That Stain Your Teeth


The majority of individuals have the misconception that yellow teeth are an indication of improper oral hygiene. However, tooth discoloration does not necessarily indicate that you have a plaque buildup in your mouth.

Some beverages can stain your teeth that have a greater tendency to discolor your teeth than others. The existence of chromogens and the drinks’ acidity contribute to staining. Other beverages include components that improve the chromogens’ ability to attach themselves to the enamel of your teeth. This component is known as tannins.

Staining occurs more frequently when chromogens and tannins are present in the same beverage. Some drinks, such as those listed below, might leave visible stains on your teeth and should be avoided.

1. Coffee

Coffee is one of the most commonly consumed beverages in the world. While many people enjoy the taste and aroma of the coffee, it can cause teeth to become discolored.

When coffee is consumed regularly, the dark pigments in the drink can build up on the surface of teeth and cause them to be yellow. In addition, the acidity in coffee can contribute to tooth enamel erosion, which can also lead to discoloration.

The staining occurs because coffee contains pigments that adhere to the tooth enamel. These pigments can be challenging to remove, and they may cause the teeth to become yellow or brown.

2. Tea

We all know that consuming tea can have some great health benefits. However, did you know that it can also lead to discoloration of your teeth? The main reason for this is that tea contains tannins. The longer you drink tea and the darker, the more likely your teeth will become stained.

Tea is a delicious and refreshing beverage, but it is essential to be aware of the potential for staining your teeth. 

3. Wine

Wine is a commonly consumed beverage that can discolor teeth. Although wine is not the only beverage that can cause staining, it is often a contributing factor. The tannins in wine can cause staining by binding to the proteins in teeth and making them more susceptible to staining.

While the occasional glass of wine may not cause noticeable staining, frequent or excessive consumption can lead to yellowing or brown stains on the teeth. Tooth discoloration from wine is often most pronounced on the front teeth, as they are the teeth that come into contact with the wine glass. 

4. Soda

Soda is a popular beverage choice for many people. While it may be refreshing and satisfying, it can also harm oral health. Soda can cause your teeth to become discolored and even lead to cavities. Discoloration can occur due to the high acidity level in soda.

The acid can wear away at the enamel on your teeth, causing them to become stained or yellowed over time. In addition, the sugar in soda can promote the growth of bacteria in your mouth, which can also lead to discoloration.

5. Sports Drinks

Sports drinks are commonly consumed beverages that can discolor teeth. While the drinks themselves are not necessarily bad for teeth, the acidic nature of some of them can contribute to staining. In addition, the dark colors of some sports drinks can also add to the staining.

Limiting your sports drink intake is best to prevent tooth discoloration. If you do drink them regularly, be sure to brush your teeth afterward to remove any residue. You may also consider using a straw to avoid contact with your teeth.


While many beverages can cause teeth discoloration, there are also many ways to prevent or mitigate the problem. Avoiding sugary drinks, using a straw, and rinsing with water after consuming beverages that can stain to help keep your teeth looking their best. In addition, regular brushing and flossing, as well as visits to the dentist, can help keep teeth healthy and white.

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