9 Clues to Check If You Are a Dental Implant Candidate


If you wish to do dental implants, you may wonder if you are suitable for the procedure. Dental implants require a healthy jawbone to be successful, so it’s essential to make sure you meet the necessary criteria before committing to the procedure. 

Here are nine clues that can help you determine if you are a viable candidate for dental implants:

1. Age

Generally speaking, patients should be 18 years of age or older before undergoing dental implant surgery. This is because the jawbone needs to be fully grown before the implant can be placed.

2. Oral Health

It is vital that you have good oral health before undergoing dental implant surgery. This means that you should not have any active gum disease and must have healthy teeth and gums.

3. Healthy Gums

A healthy set of gums is the foundation of any successful implant. If you have any gum disease, such as periodontitis, you may need to treat it before the implant can be placed.

4. Adequate Jawbone

A dental implant requires a solid foundation to be successful, and that foundation is your jawbone. If your jawbone is weak, it may not be able to support the implant.

5. Bone Health

The success of a dental implant is based on the strength and density of the jawbone. If you have undergone gum disease or tooth loss, you may have lost some of the density and strength of your jawbone. In this case, a bone graft may be necessary to provide adequate support for the dental implant.

6. Good Overall Health

To be the best candidate for dental implants, it is vital that you are in generally good health. People who have particular medical conditions, such as uncontrolled diabetes or an autoimmune disorder, may not be ideal candidates for dental implants.

7. Medical History

Your medical history is essential for determining whether or not a dental implant is right for you. Certain medical conditions, such as diabetes, cancer, and heart disease, can affect the success of the implant, so it is vital that your doctor has a complete picture of your health before the procedure.

8. Commitment to Oral Health

Dental implants require a lifelong commitment to oral health. This means brushing, flossing, and regular dental check-ups. With good oral hygiene, the implant can succeed.

9. Check Your Budget

Finally, you should consider your budget when determining if you are a candidate for dental procedures like implants. Dental implants can be quite expensive and may not be covered by insurance. It is necessary to deal with the cost of dental implants and the cost of follow-up care when determining if you are a good candidate for dental implants.


If you are a right candidate for dental implants, it is essential to speak to your dentist to determine if the procedure is correct for you. Your dentist can assess your oral health, provide an X-ray to evaluate the strength and density of your jawbone, and discuss any medical conditions that may affect the success of the implant.

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