Brighton Dentist: What to Expect at Your First Dental Visit

The mere thought of meeting a Brighton dentist for the first time is scary among some patients. A recent study found out that up to 15% of Americans avoid dental appointments because of fear and anxiety. Visiting a new Brighton Brighton dentist increases stress among most Americans. Therefore, it is advisable to know what to expect on your first appointment with a dentist. This helps reduce stress and make the visit more comfortable. Learn more below and contact us today.

Meeting the Receptionist

If it is your first appointment with a dentist, their receptionist will get your details as they register you as a new client. Some will give you a short form to fill, others a short questionnaire about the health of your mouth. 

The receptionist is likely to ask for your email address and phone number for ease of communication. They make one feel welcome and are ready to answer any questions that you might have about treatment options or payment. 


Teeth Evaluation

The Brighton dentist will count your teeth. They will also measure the space between the gums and teeth using a special instrument, as their assistants take down everything. This process is called dental charting. The information gathered here forms part of your dental record that they will refer to during your subsequent appointments. 

They will ensure you are comfortably seated on the chair during the entire process, and as they check your jaw, bite, and any other problem. They will also furnish you with essential tips on how to care for your teeth. 

Oral Health Examination

They will also assess your oral health during your first appointment. The procedure is simple and painless but takes longer than five minutes. Here, they will inspect your teeth, gum, and the entire mouth. 

In addition, they will ask you whether you have experienced oral issues in the past or the recent past. This process is crucial, especially if you have never visited a dentist for quite a while. 

Dental Cleaning

Most checkups include a complete cleaning of your mouth. Usually, it is the hygienist who does this if not the dentist themselves. They use a special dental instrument to crap below the gumline. They remove the built-up plaque and tartar. These are known to cause cavities, diseases lousy breath, among other oral problems. After this, they will also floss or polish your teeth.

Possible Dental X-Rays

Since it is your first time to have an appointment with a dentist, we believe that he will pull a completely new record. The appointment will certainly include X-rays. There is a type of x-ray called Bitewing X-ray, which is usually used to detect tooth decay, bone loss, cavities, gum diseases, and infection. 

Your dentist might as well use another type of x-ray called panoramic X-ray. This is also referred in short as ‘pan.’ Dentists use it to check for bone abnormalities, impacted teeth, tumors, and much more. 

To protect you against the harmful effect of these x-rays, if they have to use them, the dentist will fit you with a lead-free apron that reduces radiation exposure. The high-end dentist often uses advanced digital x-ray that cut up to 90% of radiation. 

Follow-Up Visit

After all these processes are done, either the dentist or their reception will schedule your follow-up appointments. You must visit them regularly. It is recommended that you pay them a visit at least ones every six months. This is important as some problems may be detected even before they start, or some will be treated while still at their early stages. 

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