Best Dentist In Brighton MA: What Is a Root Canal Treatment?

Best Dentist In Brighton MA | Few dental procedures are more misunderstood, and feared, than root canal treatment. The fear is largely unjustified. And the facts should clear up any misunderstandings. Read on to discover why your best dentist in Brighton MA offers root canal treatment to help save natural teeth.

For many people, the term “root canal” has a strong stigma attached to it, fueled by mass media like television and movies. Because of these negative connotations.

Many people actually avoid visiting their best dentist in Brighton MA because they dread the pain that they associate with dental procedures. But ignoring signs that your body is sending you only leads to more difficulty down the road.

A few reasons why you may need a root canal treatment include:

  • Severely infected tooth
  • For pain relief
  • To save your natural tooth

Tooth Infection

Although the outer surfaces of your teeth are hard and tough, the inner parts are not. In fact, the very center of a tooth contains its dental pulp. This is soft, living tissue that contains quite a few nerves, connective tissue and a blood supply. An infection from a cracked tooth or tooth decay can cause a tooth to rapidly deteriorate, requiring an emergency root canal procedure to eliminate the infection and quell your pain.

Pain Relief

Many people mistakenly believe that root canal procedures are extremely painful.

Root canal procedures do not cause pain; they relieve it.

The treatment most similar to a root canal treatment is a dental filling. If you put off having a root canal treatment, it will lead to more pain and a spreading infection. After your root canal procedure, you will experience instant pain relief because the infection will have been removed, and the inflammation that pressed on the nerves will be gone.

Saving Your Tooth

Ignoring a dental abscess, or a severely inflamed or infected dental pulp, could eventually lead to the loss of your entire tooth. A root canal procedure saves your natural tooth when successful, as it almost always is. It will help in preserving your bite and protecting previous dental work that you may have already had performed.

Root Canal Procedure

The first step in getting a root canal treatment is the administration of anesthesia to numb the tooth. Your best dentist in Brighton MA will be drilling into the tooth crown to allow for the insertion of dental instruments. They will clear out the infected or inflamed pulp, thoroughly cleaning the remaining space.

The resulting empty space will then be filled with a special material to seal it and guard against future infection. After that, you would normally receive a temporary filling until a dental crown can be permanently placed over the tooth. The purpose of the crown is to further protect the tooth and strengthen it.

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Are you experiencing significant tooth pain and are worried that you may require a root canal treatment? By now, you should realize that there is nothing to fear about this extremely common dental procedure. Contact our best dentist in Brighton MA right away at (617) 566-0308 to schedule your appointment and obtain prompt pain relief.